October 1, 2012

Sentinel Launches NC-1 Data Center


Sentinel Data Centers to develop North Carolina’s first mega-scale, multi-tenant data center for enterprise users.

420,000 Square Foot Facility Optimized for the Large-Footprint User

Durham, NC – Sentinel Data Centers, LLC, a pioneer in the wholesale data center industry, announced today that it has commenced development of a 420,000 square foot facility in Durham, North Carolina as the region’s first purpose-built multi-tenant data center for large-footprint users.  The Sentinel NC-1 facility will be available for occupancy in early 2013 upon completion and commissioning of an initial 120,000 square foot phase.

The Sentinel NC-1 facility will ultimately yield approximately 200,000 square feet of net computer room space, divisible into autonomous, turnkey suites of multiple sizes and configurations.  The NC-1 Facility will continue to advance the quality, flexibility and energy efficiency standards that have come to define Sentinel’s model.  Sentinel NC-1 will also offer new “Multi-Tiering” solutions that will enable each user to deploy different resiliency zones within its space, allowing for the granular optimization of cost structure by application.

Sentinel intends to target both in-region and out-of-region users.  “Sophisticated companies in the region have historically built their own data centers as there were no optimal third-party alternatives for large users,” said Todd Aaron, Sentinel Co-President.  “As has been the case in more mature data center markets, we expect that North Carolina enterprises will welcome a simple, transparent and flexible model in which they can benefit from the resiliency and economies of a mega-scale facility without giving up the autonomy of a dedicated solution.”

Added Josh Rabina, Sentinel Co-President,  “We also believe that the combination of highly reliable, low cost power, significant regional talent, easy access via multiple airports and exceptional quality of life will attract out-of-region users from multiple industries looking for a best-of-breed data center solution with North Carolina’s extremely attractive occupancy economics.”

Sentinel worked closely with regional and state officials during its two year market assessment and site selection process.  “We welcome Sentinel Data Centers to North Carolina as the region’s first wholesale data center provider,” said Gov. Bev Perdue.  “North Carolina companies will benefit greatly from this project and the bottom line is it will lead to job creation and investment in our state.”


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