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We deliver premium turn-key data center suites, optimized for the large enterprise. Our multi-tenant facility solutions enable the industry’s most discerning users to achieve both the autonomy of a dedicated building and the economics of a mega-scale deployment. Our best-in-class mission-critical support services complement strict vendor neutrality and ample office/DR space for tenant staff on site.

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  [Infographic] 5 Key Data Center Due Diligence Strategies

Published: April 02, 2015  |  Category: Blog, Industry News

In this infographic, learn five key data center due diligence strategies every organization should know when going through a data center selection and evaluation process.

  IT vs. Facilities: Beware of the “Streetlight Effect” in Data Center Due Diligence

Published: March 30, 2015  |  Category: Blog, Industry News

While the cultural divide between IT and Facilities teams has been gradually closing, it is far from entirely gone. With respect to data center and colocation procurement, this cultural divide can, at times, undermine good decision making. In order to optimize data center planning decisions and overcome this divide, it is critical for organizations to identify and mitigate biases associated with the “Streetlight Effect”.