Since inception, our mission has remained to align best-in-class facility infrastructure, engineering acumen, technical personnel and operations protocols towards the single obsessive purpose of sustaining secure and uninterrupted power, cooling and connectivity for our users’ critical operations.

We believe that continuity in critical operations is a function of perpetual foresight, rigorous documentation and complete transparency in communication and we strive to structure our organization accordingly.

Sentinel has developed over 2 million square feet of primary production and failover data centers for a diversity of enterprises, including multiple Fortune 500 corporations across industries including hyperscale financial services, healthcare, technology, media and biotechnology, among others.

Sentinel NY-1

  • 130,000 SF / 8 MW
  • Single-tenant facility in Orangeburg, NY

Sentinel TN-1

  • 40,000 sqft facility
  • Single-tenant facility in Memphis, TN

Ashburn, VA Custom Developments

  • Over 300 acres owned in the heart of “Data Center Alley” in Ashburn, VA
  • Permitted and master planned for rapid deployment of over 300 MW
  • Delivery to date of over 100MW of hyperscale capacity
  • Scalable and flexible plant design and building form factors
  • Best-in-class and local engineering, construction and operations teams