November 11, 2012

Sentinel NJ-1 Data Center Sustains Normal Operations Throughout Hurricane Sandy


Other than a few hour period at the height of the storm during which our NJ-1 operating team proactively transferred to generator due to observed voltage fluctuations on the grid, Sentinel remained in normal operating mode with dual active utility services throughout Hurricane Sandy.

As we had anticipated when initially designing  the facility, PSE&G’s 69kV grid has proven remarkably stable through the three major weather events experienced since going into production in early 2011:  the 2011 Halloween Nor’easter, Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy.   With the exception of some minor voltage deviations as discussed above, our NJ-1 facility maintained normal utility service during and after each of these events, despite widespread and extended outages throughout the State.

I’m additionally very proud of our team’s execution.  In keeping with our standard protocols, we doubled staffing in advance of the event, “topped off” our diesel tanks and stocked food and provisions for extended on-site operations. Our engineering and security teams remained vigilant throughout, kept in close contact with strategic vendors both prior to and during the storm, and kept in constant communication with our tenants.   I am grateful to our entire team, many of whom worked long shifts with only brief rest at a local hotel despite very difficult situations at their respective homes.  I thank them all for their dedication.

— Paul Hines, VP – Data Center Operations & Engineering


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